Hi there,
my name is
Inge van Balgooi.

I'm a Freelance Front-end developer from
The Netherlands, Amsterdam Region

I'm a...

Travel lover, Scandinavia fan, Dutchie, Front end Developer, Gym/CrossFit addict, INFP, year old, Photo taker, Nature lover, Hiker, Autodidact, Dreamer, Nerd...



I'm a very design/UI/UX focused front-end developer. I love to set up new sustainable projects, to try out new cool stuff, use animations, and to create awesome experiences for the customer. However I'm good with JavaScript and I can work with several frameworks, if you are looking for a die-hard JavaScript developer who is mainly focused on JavaScript, I'm not the right person. Do you need an allround front-end developer? PICK ME!!

HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, REDUX, jQuery, SASS, Webpack, Gulp, GIT, All kinds of SASS/CSS Frameworks, but I'm in love with Inuit.css, and a Big fan of OOCSS!!...